Tips for Choosing the Best Gaming Monitor

While most of the focus regarding PC gaming is on processors and graphics cards, people often forget the importance of a great monitor. While you certainly should not ignore the merits of having a powerful processor and a high-end graphics card, those items are not going to do you much good if you have an old 720p monitor that you are using to enjoy all your games! Hence, it makes sense to do some research so that you can get the best monitor. Here are some tips to help you choose the monitor that is right for your situation:

  1. Size and Resolution

A lot of people get overawed with size when it comes to computer monitors. We must remember that a monitor is a very different thing to a television. While you may have a massive 50-inch television in your room, you do not need a gigantic computer monitor. This item is probably going to be less than a foot away from your face when you are using the computer or playing games. A monitor that is between 23 and 27 inches makes the most sense for gamers. Any bigger than this and you are going to end up with a pixelated experience, unless you have the money to spend on a genuine 4K display.gaming-monitor

Resolution is equally important, but you must correlate your resolution with the monitor size. For example, getting a quality 1080p display makes a lot of sense right now. Most graphics cards that cost moderate amounts of money will help you run AAA games at 1080p and 60 FPS settings. And a 1080p monitor with a high refresh rate gives you a great experience. But if you want a 1080p monitor, you probably do not want to go beyond 24 or 25 inches for the screen size. Even a 27-inch 1080p monitor can look a little pixelated. If you want the 27 or 28 screens, get a 1440p monitor.

  1. Budget

It is tempting to get a screen that can give you a 2K or 4K resolution. But do you have the hardware to run this computer efficiently? While a medium or high-end graphics card will give you this resolution for simple computer tasks and videos, you are not going to be able to play your games at a 2k or 4k resolution unless you spend $600 or $700 on a graphics card alone. And most 2k or 4k monitors do not provide a great gaming experience if you have to scale the game down to 1440p or 1080p.

So make sure you are correlating your monitor with your graphics card. If you have a graphics card or plan to get one in the coming months, that can play games at 1440p; you should get a 1440p monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate. Only get a 2K or 4K display if you have the funds to get a comparable graphics card to play games at those resolutions. Otherwise, you are wasting your money on something that will not give you a fantastic experience right now.

How to Choose Speakers for your Computer

Most of us love listening to music, or we want speakers that can give us the best experience when we are playing games, watching television shows or enjoying movies on our computer monitor. While some monitors will come with speakers, these are often relatively weak regarding their base, treble, and loudness. You are not going to get much use out of the built-in speakers in your monitor. They are similar to TV speakers – they get the job done if you have nothing else, but they are far from ideal.


So if you recently made the decision to get a new computer for yourself, you may need to upgrade your sound system to match the superior quality of the rest of your machine. But you have a lot to consider if you require getting the right speaker.

There is a temptation to go with the most expensive speakers you can find, but you must consider whether you really need this item that is going to cost you a few hundred pounds. The biggest question you must ask is why you are getting the speakers.

Are you an audiophile you want speakers that give you the best quality music playback?

Are you looking for speakers that give you an immersive experience while gaming or watching movies?

Or do you simply want something that is better than the monitor speakers but will not cost you a lot of money?


Each category will give you a set of different speakers. Audiophiles may have to spend a few hundred pounds on the best quality computer speakers on the market. Meanwhile, those wanting an immersive experience should get a surround sound speaker system from a reputable company. 5.1 surround sound will usually do the trick, especially if you do not have a huge room where you set up your computer.

What is the Best Thing about Online Gaming?

There are many reasons why people will turn to online gaming whether they are on a PC or a console. If we go back to five or six years in the past, online gaming was not such a huge thing as it is now. While people did play games online, they were not obsessed with them on the level that is the case these days. Some games were almost exclusively online, such as Counter-Strike or World of Warcraft, while others were focused on the single player experience.

But the truth is that you can hardly find a game that is released these days that does not have a major online component. Even games that have campaigns and heavy single player modes will have a multiplayer option because they know that people love playing online. So why do people like playing an online game?


Interactive Experience and Lack of Boredom

Two of the primary reasons why people love playing online is because the experience seems so much more interactive. While it is fun to go through a game playing against the CPU, this can get somewhat boring if you finish the game one time. You are not going to go back and play the same campaign mode again, especially if you beat it at the highest level already.

But if you have the chance to experience the same maps, players, and tools while competing against other people around the world, the game changes completely. A game that may have only lasted you 30 or 40 hours of gameplay is suddenly giving you hundreds of hours of fun.

Games that center around sports such as football, soccer or racing benefit a lot from online gameplay. Playing those games against the computer is often boring, but if you enter into competitions with other players, the unpredictability of each person’s style can give you a better gaming experience.


Meeting Other Fans

Another reason people love online gaming is that they get to meet or talk with other individuals who are enthusiastic about the game. Whether you are engaging with people through the game’s chat feature, via online message boards or in-person, you will have a lot of fun interacting with those who are just as passionate about a game as you are.

So many games will even reach a level where players are competing online and in-person on a professional level. These eSports games have gone to the next level because of how easy it is to play games online. If the online feature did not exist, these eSports games would not have the popularity they do today.

Bang for your Buck –

If you are spending $50 or $60 on a game, the ability to play online can give you a lot more for your money. You will probably play a game for twice or thrice as long if online modes exist, as compared to games that only have an offline option. This makes it very advantageous for gamers who want the most out of something they have paid for with their hard earned money.